Terms and conditions

Acceptance Regulation

The property reservation involves the acceptance of these rules. The booker will be personally responsible, even to people who accompany.


The prices are expressed in Euros and are per apartment and for the required period. The agreed price includes utilities (electricity, gas, water) kitchen towels, bed linen and towels changed weekly. For parking a car or a scooter is a charge of € 15.00 per day. The price does not include the security deposit, any damages and any other service or materials which must be paid on site. We reserve the right to change the prices of our apartments at any time without notice. However the price agreed at the time of booking (excluding any extras) will not be changed under any circumstances.

Reservation Deposit

It is possible an on-line reservation by booking system on our sito internet www.fiammettahome.it

To confirm your reservation must be communicated their data, a telephone number, an email address, the period of stay, the number of people and the assignment of a bank transfer equal to 30% of the total cost of the reservation in order to deposit.

Cancellation penalty

If canceled up to ten days prior to arrival, no fee will be charged (example: Arrival January 15 = free reservation cancellation by midnight of January 4) in this case the deposit will be refunded , but canceled after this period lead to the loss of the entire amount of the deposit.

In case of early departure, however, it will be deducted the full amount agreed. If discounted, non-refundable, no amount will not be refunded in any case.

The booking must be changed or canceled in writing, if within the deadline, by sending an e-mail to info@fiammettahome.it and must be confirmed in writing by the operator.

Breaking out housing unavailability

If force majeure prevented to provide customers of the accommodation booked, OWNERS reserve the right to assign another apartment accommodation with similar characteristics or better and value at the same price. In extreme cases, the reservation will be canceled by reimbursing the amount paid to the tourist, the latter may not make further claims to any title. Please note that out of the amount paid nothing will be reimbursed or compensated. Therefore we do not take any claim into account.

Privacy Management

As required by the regional law, the operator is obliged to change linen weekly and cleaning at each change customer. Possible extra change of clothing required by the customer has a cost of € 10,00 per room to be paid in cash to the change made in side.

Any extra cleaning requests are charged at € 25,00 per day.

For linen is meant: sheets and a set of towels (personal, face and shower) per person.

The units are equipped with beds, blankets and pillows, wardrobe, hangers, drawers, bedside tables or shelves, central lighting, lamps or bedside appliques, table for consumption of meals with chairs, armchairs or sofas in the living room with seats equal to the number of people housed, broom, shovel, bucket, floor cloth. Everything is related to the number of beds.

The kitchen is equipped with induction cooker, with oven, refrigerator, sink with drainer, a cooking battery, three kitchen knives, 1 sugar bowl, a coffee maker, a colander, a salad bowl, a grater, a juicer, a bottle opener / corkscrew, a can opener, a milk jug, three bins with plastic bags, a tablecloth, napkins and kitchen towels. For each guest: two knives, two forks, two spoons, two teaspoons, two flat plates, a bottom plate, two glasses, a cup, a cup.

The bathrooms, in addition to the laundry, are equipped with waste bin, mirror and contiguous socket for electricity, shelf, little broom in the bath, and bubble bath dispenser.

Arrival time

At least 24 hours before arrival, considering the absence of a receipt of service, the customer is required to communicate the exact time of arrival to the manager, to receive adequate reception.

The apartment can be occupied on the day of arrival from 13.00 to 21.00.

On arrival guests must show a valid identity document valid.

If no valid documents will be exhibited will be canceled the booking and deducted the full amount paid.

You will receive the keys, You are accompanied in to the apartment . It must be paid the balance together with a security deposit of € 100.00 for any damages and / or shortages.

 The deposit will be returned the day of departure after inspection by the operator. In case of damage and / or shortage will be requested damages assessed by the managers to be paid before departure.

We accept the following payment methods: cash.

Check - Property Drop

The day of departure the owner or agent will go to collect keys and check the condition of the property, if this will be released as it had been delivered and whether all provisions of these conditions have been met will return the security deposit.

The possible damages must be paid. The apartment must be released by 11:00 am, unless otherwise agreed, for cleaning purposes.


no pets.

Rules during your stay

- Check the efficiency of the apartment and tell us any anomaly or failure later than 24 hours after your arrival, do not wait until the day of departure to inform us.

- E 'strictly forbidden to make a copy of the keys: trespassing, in the absence of consent, constitutes a serious criminal offense punishable by law. If you lose your keys refund is expected € 20.00

- And 'it is forbidden to stay in the house a number of people higher than the maximum allowed. And 'it is forbidden to enter strangers without having previously communicated to the manager and have received express consent.

- All accommodations are delivered clean and functioning.

The guest must arrange for daily housekeeping and he will be responsible for its integrity, for this reason it is forbidden to move the furniture from their position.

When the property redelivery. The guest must leave the flat in good conditions, in particular the cleaning of the kitchen and tableware, which must be returned clean and in order, You will be charged an additional € 30.00. Customers must provide for empty the refrigerator and trash. On request possible midweek cleaning for a fee.

- The lessee is required to observe the rules concerning the quiet especially during the afternoon and night, avoiding noises and shouting loud. Particular Silence must be respected between 22.00 and 8.00 and between 13.00 and 17.00. Parents are asked to constantly watch their children lest they disturb.

-The tenant agrees to take the utmost care of the property Reliable . The dishes and other house (chairs equipment, blankets, etc.) should not be used or transported outside the house. All breaches will result in charges assessed from time to time by the Distributor himself. Guests will be held responsible and must pay for any damage, breakage or loss of items, caused by the guests or visitors. Objects that are replaced should be of the same quality as the originals. Faults caused by the tenant or those of ordinary maintenance will be charged to the conductor and the amounts deducted directly from the deposit.

- In doubtful cases, the appointee will withhold the entire deposit and return any difference with the receipt of the costs addressed to restore it later.

- E 'absolutely forbidden to bring outside the room linens. Cream and suntan oil, makeup and hair dye can permanently stain the bedding, linens and towels. We ask you to pay attention when using these products.

If despite efforts the stains should not go away, you will be charged a fee to replace the linen.

- the manager is not responsible for direct or indirect damages that may result from interruptions through no fault of essential services, es. electricity and water.

- Inside the apartment they are made available to guests, information and tourist brochures.

- For any additional information, guests can ask the owners.

- We accept no responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of your property left in rooms or for any injury, theft, damage to persons or things just.

Fiammetta Cardone